Monday 3 May 2021

May Wagashi and Events

   Is it really May? 😖

It's still cold in the mornings and evenings here on the south coast of England.

But the days are flying by, so we're trying to enjoy the moment and keep up with the calendar.

The Brighton Art Festival, held every year in May, seems to be going ahead, and we decided to turn cafe an-an into a private art gallery while the inside seating is unavailable. This is an exhibition and sale by a group of Japanese artists called the Koshukai. They will be exhibiting and selling their vibrant Japanese paintings, coloured with mineral paints and pine resin, as well as traditional Japanese paper cut-outs.

The exhibition will be held until Saturday 15th, so please feel free to come along.

From 17 May onwards, we would like to offer art workshops and other activities after 3 o'clock, so that people can sit in the cafe. To protect our social distance, we have a small capacity, but we will let you know the timetable and other details in the next newsletter, so stay tuned.


May's Japanese Sweets

Cherry Blossom Mochi £2.00 per piece 

In early May, the double-flowered cherry trees are still in bloom. No, I think they've all fallen in today's storm.... Plantbase is Gluten free. Plantbase, Gluten free, salted cherry leaves are edible.

Kashiwa Mochi with Koshi-an, Kusa-tsubushi and Miso-an£2.00 each 

5 May is Children's Day. Plantbase, Gluten free. Oak leaves have long been used as a dish to stop dcay. So you can't eat these leaves.

Strawberry Daifuku £2.00 per piece 

These Daifuku are made with delicious British strawberries. Occasionally we get strawberries that are too big and we turn them into Jumbo strawberry daifuku (£2.50 each). They are almost double the weight, so they are very satisfying. Plantbase, Gluten free.

Wakaayu - £1.50 per piece

These sweets are shape of young ayu fish swimming upstream in a clear stream. The rice cake with yuzu in it is refreshing. It will be on sale around the middle of May. It contains gluten, wheat flour and eggs.

Kuzumochi £2.50

This plump jelly is made from good quality Japanese kuzu. Plantbase, Gluten free. Plantbase, Gluten free, made with soya beans.


Events in May

Monday 2nd May Closed for Bank Holiday.

Tuesday 3 May Private Art Gallery 'Kamorukai' Sale (until 15 May)

7(Fri) & 8(Sat) mini second hand book sale. If you have not been able to buy second-hand books due to the lack of events in Japan, we are sorry to hear about it. We will be selling not only books but also Japanese tableware and other items. The proceeds will be used to pay for free breakfast and lunch for the children. Donations are also very welcome.

Fri 14th & Sat 15th mini second hand book sale.

Monday 17th Food and drink will be allowed in the cafe. However, please wear a mask outside the tables.

Monday 31st Closed for Bank Holiday.

More information about coffee mornings, after school and evening workshops will follow in the next blog!

Stay tuned!


Due to the increase in the price of food imported from Japan, we will be offering new prices from the 17th of May. Please understand that we will do our best to keep serving you delicious meals.

We are also pleased to announce that breakfast will be served from next month (June). We hope you enjoy your morning from 9am to 11am. Please come and join us.


  1. Good morning young Noriko,
    We would love to come and see you this weekend. Will you be working?
    Geraldine & Chip

    1. Hello young Geraldine! Thank you for come to see us!! I missed this message and it turned to a lovely surprise❤ thank you and please visit us more again!! Noriko xx

  2. Good morning young Noriko,
    We would love to come and see you this weekend. Will you be working?
    Geraldine & Chip